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Welcome to the official Linda Bolder website. This site allows you to keep up with the latest news and my results, in addition to which you can help me realise my dream of achieving Olympic Gold in Rio 2016.
Thank you for your visit to my site. For more information, please leave your details behind at the bottom of this page.
Warm regards, Linda
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Olympic Games Rio 2016

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Olympic Games Rio 2016


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These days, it is not always convenient to have to visit a website in order to get the information you want. Therefore, I have developed an app for Apple and Android, so that you will always be updated immediately on the latest news and my results.
I would be very proud to have my app installed on your phone.
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Olympic Games Rio 2016

About Linda

The story of my life

I was born on 3 July 1988 in Velserbroek, the Netherlands. At age 4, I started taking judo classes at Ben Rietdijk Sport in Velserbroek. Incidentally, Ben is still my trainer. Ever since, we have been travelling the entire globe together. As it soon turned out, I had a talent for judo and won e.g. 4 national titles in my junior and aspirant period. Neither did I miss out on the European medals and became the European champion in the -17, -20 and -23 categories. As of January 2015 , I represent the ‪Israel Women's Judo Team in the category -70 kg. My absolute dream and goal is to obtain a medal at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016, and that will take top priority over anything else this coming year. Fortunately, I have in the meantime been able to demonstrate that I belong to the world's top judokas. If you are curious about what titles I have won, I advise you to scroll further down this page. 
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My medals

Mu successes

215 Matches
153 Won
44 Medals
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Olympic Games
World Championships
European Championships 1
Masters,Grand Slams,Grand Prix 6 1 7
World Cups / European Cups 7 3 7
European Championships -23 1 1
European Championships juniors 1 1
European Championships Cadets 1
Dutch Championships 2 3 3
EC/WC for Teams 2
Dutch Championships juniors 4 2 1
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My name is Paul Lammers, physical trainer for various Olympic sports and also Linda Bolder's trainer since 2005, when she started entering tournaments as a junior judoka for both national and international medals. The journey Linda has made in terms of physical development is one of trial and error, which is what is inherent to judo as well. Linda's perseverance is extraordinary, as I have seen quite many athletes give up after injuries in their sport. Linda did not do so, and always wishes to emerge increasingly stronger. This dedication is also still reflected in her physical training: strong, explosive, 100% effort, being able to and wanting to make sacrifices. Her physical journey is certainly not yet complete, and she is well on her way to 'best' in the sequence of good, better, best.
Drs. paul Lammers

10 08 2016
Olympic Games !!!
Rio de Janeiro

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